Bankable designs

We use professional renewable energy software to ensure the most efficient design for each renewable resource. Our designs give you the most viable energy source options.  We create bankable designs, no more back of an envelope calculations.

Energy Efficiency is key

Load Profiling

This first input to modeling energy usage is to determine your daily load profile. We do this by onsite load recordings or profile matching using our extensive load profile library.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the first fuel of a sustainable clean energy system. Every kWh that can be saved by reducing your energy footprint is a kWh that you do not have to produce with renewable energy.


Housing estates, commercial and community solar projects require a combination of design skills and experience. Our load profile library has been built-up over years to assist us with developing accurate load profiles that are used in our renewable energy, storage and financial models.  


Energy Storage design

Storage Technology

Latest advances in energy storage technologies now allows seamless integration with Solar PV systems. This makes renewable energy an economical replacement for traditional power generation.

Energy Storage Designs

Our design software accurately models the technical performance and financial bankability of renewable energy micro-grids. Our engineering team has the ability to model complex multi source systems.

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