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Solar Energy as a renewable source is the most accessible around the world.   Solar PV measured in Giga Watts + energy storage continues to increase year on year.  With advances in battery storage technologies, solar energy has become a stable cost effective replacement for traditional fossil fuel generation.

Reliable Clean Sources

Solar Energy

Solar PV has a very good track record in the industry and normally the first technology to be implemented to reduce the carbon footprint. It is a well established technology with steady decline in cost per kWp installed. We have access to a range of Solar technologies and well informed of advances.

Energy Storage

The race is on in this emerging technology to increase efficiency and extend operation life. Storage is the key to adding stability to renewable energy and building a distributed power grid. We specialise in hybrid energy storage ranging from a few kWh for homes to a few MWh for Businesses.

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Wind as a renewable source is taking off around the world with Giga Watts for Wind capacity added every year. Wind is a good supplement for Solar as it can contribute at night time.  Small to medium sized wind turbines are quicker to install and manage, with a reduced environmental impact. 

Alternative Energy Sources

Wind Energy

The race is on in this well established technology to increase efficiency and decrease operating costs. We specialise in small to medium size wind turbines as a supplement to remote Micro Grids. These turbines can be shipped in a container and is easy to erect on site.

Micro-Hydro Energy

Micro Hydro energy harvesting has become a viable alternative thanks to the development of power conversion and control technology in the wind energy sector. In combination with Solar, Micro-Hydro power adds stability and an option for pumped storage.

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A steady stream of small to medium size hydro generators are added every year due to its ease of installation and shorter construction times. Micro Hydro is great for supplying the base load for off-grid systems and can also serve as a scalable energy storage system. 

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