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Commercial Solar

business solar + Energy storage

Solar PV Systems that Scale with your Business

We provide full design and engineering solutions for rooftop solar, ground mount solar, or solar carports. GreenSun offers a flexible approach to bring you the solar PV system best suited to your current needs, with the option to upgrade solar capacity as required. We have made solar energy for business easier and more affordable.  

On Grid Systems

  • up to 45% saving
  • No batteries, excess power go to the grid 
  • Backup power or batteries can be added later to store the excess
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Energy Saving

Hybrid System

  • up to 85% saving
  • The system is scalable and you can start small and grow the system over time.
  • Li-ion batteries are part of this system design
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Energy Saving

Load matching Solar Systems 

We design Solar Systems that maximise solar yield throughout your business cycle. Taking into account your unique energy requirements, we develop an annual load profile. From knowing the full solution our customers can prioritise and phase the installation to suit operational requirements and budget. 

We provide Full System Integration

We can help with integrating your solar system with your backup generator or add battery backup. Get reliable power 24/7. Invest in a solar PV and battery backup solution now to ensure your company operations are never without power and protected against surges and power failures.

the energy future

With the available solar energy and storage technology it is easy and affordable to future proof your business. Solar Power together with Energy storage gives you tremendous control and foresight over your energy consumption.

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