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Energy solutions

solar Energy Solutions

Our designs help you get the most out of your PV system whilst reducing your total energy costs. Built around tier 1 components, our modular architecture gives you the flexibility to configure a system that best suits your needs and simplifies the future expansion of your system.

On Grid Systems

  • Grid-Tied to Utility.
  • No batteries, so excess power can be converted to credits.
  • Backup power or batteries can be added later.
Solar MWp Installed

Hybrid System

  • 80% saving or more
  • The system is scalable – start small and grow the system over time.
  • Li-ion batteries are part of this system design.
Total MWh Installed
World GW Storage

Energy Storage

 With the fast pace at which Storage Technology changes, it is imperative that one stay ahead of the curve when it comes to tailored solution that fit the load and energy charge available and this is where time series modeling takes center stage.

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