Next generation hot water

Solar Performance

This system has excellent Solar Performance and has been tested and certified according to the most rigorous European standards. It has achieved an extraordinary coefficient performance of 3,8 according to the EN16147

Solid and Robust design

With solar panels made of anodised aluminium with a special Solokote finishing, the solar panels are robust and long-lasting against corrosion, in particular when exposed to saline and/or aggressive environments.

Simple and Ergonomic

The high efficiency of the hot water cylinder is achieved by using a high-density polyurethane foam that ensures a low heat loss rate, being able to keep the water heated for several days in a row even if the units is turned off.​

Truy Sophisticated

Stainless steel cylinder on indoor unit and external condenser. High density injected polyurethane insulation with cathodic protection. One of the lowest electrical consumptions on the market.​

Reliable Returns

Water and space heating using solar is a fast and easy way to start your energy efficiency journey. The energy saved by heating water with our thermal solar systems reduces the footprint of the Solar PV and Storage needed to go off-grid. 

Latest Generation Technology

Latest generation of solar technology works with sun, wind, rain and even at night. The Solar Thermodynamic Hot Water System also offers a high level of efficiency.

Choose the Most Advanced System

Make the right choice when it comes to Solar Thermodynamic Hot Water that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

+ Heat is captured in the form of solar radition, environmental temperature, rain, wind and even snow

+ The heat produced on cooler days, even at night, is sufficient to attain the water temperature desired

+ The solar panel is light, discreet and versatile in terms of where to put it

+ Almost non-existent maintenance

+ The energy consumption of the equipment is reduced due to a super efficient compressor. No defrost cycle

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