moving water with solar is easy

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Solar Thermal

With the abundant sun in Southern Africa, using this well established conversion technology gives very favourable return on investment. Various Systems are available to suit every application, from residential homes to bulk hot water supply for hotels.

Solar Water Pumps

Moving water with the help of the sun has never been so easy. Imagine being able to pump water every day for the next 20 years using solar PV panels paired with efficient inverter technology.


The Natural next step in cleaning up energy use is to clean up water that is becoming a very valuable resource. We have invested many design hours into developing water production and water treatment solutions that are both effective and energy efficient so that managing your water resources becomes simple.

Low Energy Technology

Water Desalination

With advances in pressure recovery systems for high pressure reverse osmosis, water production costs reduce by more than 50%

Water Treatment

Containerised water treatment solutions has become the go to method for remote sites due to the ability to factory test and commission and site monitoring

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