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Bankable Alternatives

Renewable Energy Sources

Renewables have a huge role to play in mitigating climate change, the key challenges is to decarbonize our energy systems. Sustainable living is now economical and future generations will thank us for pursuing it.

Our Solar Solutions

We take care of everything, from custom designed renewable energy solutions, procurement, construction to commissioning, so you can rest easy knowing you have chosen the right solar partner.

It's so simple to go solar

DISCOVER – We start every project by establishing your sustainable energy needs. A site visit is recommended to analyse the installation environment and limitations it may present . 

DESIGN – A detailed design simulation is done taking into consideration your site and energy needs. All designs are scalable, meaning you can start small and expand the system over time.

DELIVERY – Once constructed, we  continue to assess and monitor your system to ensure optimal performance and compliance with utility standards.

Market Ready Solar

Solar Home Systems

We design solutions for hybrid, grid-tied and off-grid homes to ensure better power quality and backup energy when you need it most. Our systems are modular and easily expandable. Visit our Home Solution page for more information on our products and connecting with us.

Solar Business Solutions

GreenSun cares about the future and we are steadfast in our pursuit to make clean reliable energy accessible to all commercial customers . Each Business uses energy differently. We will take care of the technology, so you can have the energy security.

Solar Supporting Alternatives

WIND POWER – Manufacturers of wind turbines have made big strides to simplify integration with solar hybrid systems.  With the ease of integration with energy storage technologies, wind energy becomes a bankable base-line renewable energy source.

HYDRO POWER – Harvesting energy from moving water is not new, but with advances in inverter technology, hydro power is a low cost energy stource and easy to integrate. 

ENERGY STORAGE – Batteries enables us to store renewable energy for Solar, Wind and Hydro power systems to form a reliable, stable and clean Micro-Grid with the capability to synchronise to any utility grid

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